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Vote for your executive committees

Thank you to everyone for all of your nominations! It’s now time to vote for who you want to represent your student communities in our club and society executive committees next year. Loads of the categories are highly contested, which is fantastic. We also currently have four categories with no approved candidates – if you missed your chance the first time round, watch this space for your opportunity to apply to be a rep in one of the following sub-groups:

Arts and performance rep

Medical rep

Personal Development rep

Religion rep

We’ll let you know when the nominations re-open. Remember, you have to have been a member of a society in the relevant category to apply for an executive position.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, these committees are responsible for looking after and representing the clubs or societies in their sub-group. This means attending meetings, processing grant requests, offering advice and guidance to committee members and working with Camille, our new Activities and Opportunities Officer, to work on collaborative events and make our clubs and societies even better!

It’s so important to vote for the people you think would be great as part of the committee. If you’re going to be involved in a club or society next year, these are the people who will be representing you!

You can cast your votes right here on the uea|su site; make sure to get your preferences in before voting closes on Friday 12 May at 3pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all at PMB this weekend!



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