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Sports awards and PMB roundup

What a week it’s been! Sports awards, PMB, and there’s still more to come this Saturday!  

Last Friday, the annual Sports Awards were back again to celebrate all of the amazing sporting success and recognising the work of those who helped our sports clubs achieve greatness this year. The night was truly a spectacle, and here are some of the headline winners of the evening:

Captain of the year was awarded to Sophie Sibley from Womens’ Rugby

President of the year went to Maria Slade from Tap

Sportsman of the year was won by Nik Charalambous from the Pool & Snooker club

Abi Smith from Korfball won sportswoman of the year

And finally, the club of the year is… Womens’ Football!

The highlight of the evening was listening to the presenters tell the stories of all the winners’ achievements, hard work and dedication throughout the year! Every single winner, runner-up and nominee went above and beyond this year to better sport at UEA.

The penultimate award of the evening was the Outstanding Contribution to Sport award. It’s been created solely and exclusively for leavers and it goes to a number of recipients who, over their time at UEA, have served sport and contributed above expectations to the sporting program. This one is one of my personal favourites as you can discover how sport has changed over the years and how these incredible people have facilitated and aided that change.

And before we all had a chance to recover… Pimp My Barrow! What a year for PMB; we are still waiting on the final count from the BIG C, but this year’s event was the biggest and best I’ve seen it in three years!

The crowd was staggering, the atmosphere electric and the party was incredible!

Once again, thousands of people descended onto the Square to the show off their creativity and raise money for a truly worthy and local cause. The success of the event year after year is a testament to the amazing and caring nature of students at UEA.

The weather held for all but a chorus of ‘Raining Men’, which the crowd loved with such abandon!

From the Square, the students departed in 3 waves to Eaton Park to take part in the wheelbarrow race and carry on their journey to 3 very generous and brave pubs, all ending at the Black Horse.

The day wouldn’t have been what it was if it wasn’t for the incredible events and Opportunities staff at the SU, without whom the event wouldn’t have been possible. On the day there was an army of pink shirted volunteers who are the true unsung heroes of the event, they have the really fun job of picking up everyone’s litter and guiding slightly ‘joyful’ students across roads and throughout the course of local establishments. The event was once again a huge success with the winners of Pimp My Barrow 2017 being a very creative Star Wars barrow! Keep your eyes peeled for the photo of the winners with the BIG Big C Cheque!

But the party’s not over yet! Join us on campus this Saturday for Zig Zag – a creative festival hosted by some of our performance and creative societies. It’s going to be spectacular!




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