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Do Something Different

University is a really exciting time of your life, where you'll get the opportunity to try out new things, challenge yourself and meet a whole range of different people 

If you're a fresher – first of all, welcome to UEA! You've got a great time ahead of you. If you're a returner, welcome back and it’s definitely not too late to get involved in something new. Particularly as this year there's a brand new and exciting programme of events that are open to everyone. 

Last year, Do Something Different was a week in the middle of the Autumn semester where sessions of different activities took place. From Russian language to Photography, the week was designed to give a taster of what UEA has to offer and allow you to try something new.  

This year, it's not just a week: there will be something different happening EVERY DAY of term! With our amazing range of clubs and societies already on offer, we are now offering the biggest and best extracurricular programme ever done at UEA. 

Do Something Different sessions are a great way to go expand your comfort zone and try something you've perhaps always wanted to do, or maybe just want to try out without commitment. You might even find your new passion or an undiscovered skill.  

There's something for everyone, with events ranging from first aid training to sign language, all the way to public debates, film screenings, ghost tours, surf lessons and belly dance classes. Most of the events are completely free and you can sign up to them via the SU website here.

If you're part of a club or society and you'd be interested in running an event, Its easy to get involved and we can provide you with funding. They are great for increasing your club/society's membership and also provide students with a taster of what you are all about. 

If you want to run a session, we have an application form at Whether you want to try something new yourself, or encourage new members to your club or society, Do Something Different is a great way to meet new people and try new things – so why not get involved?   


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