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club and society grants: what can they do for you?

Here at UEA, there are a huge range of sports clubs and societies working hard all year round to bring like-minded students together, run events, take part in competitions and overall enrich the University student experience. 

If you're involved in a society or club, there might be things you really want to do for your group, but haven't got the funds for. This is where the grants can help you out.  

The Union holds two grant pots to fund certain society or club expenses and activities. 

We have a Societies Exec Committee and Sports Committee, made up of an elected representative for each category of society and club, who meet once a month. Their job is to help decide how to allocate grant funding to clubs and societies, review applications for new student groups and pass on feedback from students to Union staff, so we can make changes that suit you.  

So far this year, the societies grant has helped our societies put on events, hire venues send delegates to networking conferences and purchase essential items for their society. The grants have also helped new societies get started, for example:  

  • Comic Book Society received £138 for printing costs for their first comic book publication. 

  • SocieTea received £100 for tea equipment and supplies. 

The grant has also allowed some of our more established societies to try new things: 

  • Literature Society received £62.66 for Book Fair supplies. 

  • Nursing Society received £610 for travel to the Royal College of Nursing Congress. 

Grants are available to all societies and clubs. If you'd like to find out more about applying for a grant and get more information about the sorts of things you can use the money for click here.

If you've got questions that the grant pages of the website doesn't answer, email our opportunities team at or pop into the office for a chat.  



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