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Pimp My Barrow

Pimp My Barrow is one of the biggest events of the uea(su) calendar. It's been running since 2006 and over the years we've seen it grow and grow into an event that's not only great fun, but one that's raised over £50,000 for local Norfolk cancer charity The Big C over the years.

The Big C are a local charity which provides services to individuals and families of people living with cancer. They are also a leading light in cancer research and, with continued support, will make huge strides forward.

 Pimp My Barrow is a fantastic way for you as students to give back to the local community while also having tons of fun with your friends.  

This year the event changed slightly to become PMB in the Park and the fun was concentrated in the square and Earlham park, where we saw inflatable games, food and dancing.  

The creativity on display was outstanding as always, with a range of themed wheelbarrow teams ranging from superheroes to bananas.  

Pimp my Barrow wouldn't be possible without the hard work of the Opportunities team at uea(su) and the army of student volunteers who helped out on the day.