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it's never too late to join a club or society

clubs and societies are one of the best things at uni

Students regularly tell us in surveys that being a member of a club or society plays a major part in their overall university experience.

Have you joined a club and society already? Maybe you’re already a member of a society and you want to get active this semester with one of our 58 sports clubs? You may already be part of 5 clubs and still want to try something new? The point is, it’s never too late to join a club or society here at UEA


you can try before you buy

Our award winning Do Something Different programme allows you try out something new without having to by a membership. Being able to ‘give it a go’ is an integral part to the joining process – having over 200 student groups at UEA means there’s literally something for everyone, and Do Something Different sessions help you find what’s best for you. Most clubs and societies open up their first sessions of the year to all students as a ‘DSD session’, so look out for these on our website at!


it’s so easy to join!

A few years ago, the SU introduced a new website which allows you to join any group, from anywhere, at any time! Each club and society has its own page on the SU website where you can also find links to their social media and details of how to contact the committee.

This means students no longer need to be at sports fayre and societies fayre to be able to join a group, so no need to wait to get involved!


why’s this important?

When I was running in the SU elections to be your Activities Officer, one of my key priorities was to break down the barriers students face when joining clubs and societies. 

This is why I pushed to introduce one-semester memberships on a larger scale, particularly in sports clubs where students joining in January can save up to £30 by not having to purchase the full-year membership. One semester Sports Association Memberships (SAM) are also available to everyone this year for the first time ever, which is another big win for students and sports clubs!

I’m happy to report this has been really successful; we’ve seen an an increase in both club and society memberships compared to last year, as well as a record number of January signs ups.

This also dispels the myth that ‘you can only join a club or society at the freshers fayres’. WRONG! The majority of members join online after being to a taster session or speaking to someone from a committee, so don’t be put off if you missed the fayres!


get involved!

Head to ueadifferent.comto try something new, or join any student group online at, where you can also find the contact details for each society. If you have any questions about clubs and societies then get in touch on

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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