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what you can expect from your welcome fest

First of all, a big congratulations to all our new members! I'm so excited for the next year, I hope you all are too. Now you can start to prepare yourself for our amazing Welcome Fest. Here is some of the fun you can expect...

First things first, you need to move in over the Welcome Home Weekend! You will be greeted by a member of our lovely team who will give you all your important documents and most importantly, your key. Once you’ve got this then you’re ready to meet your flat mates and let begin your university journey. 


Welcome Fair 

We bring in our friends from local and national companies to give you lots of freebies and exciting student offers! The best part is attending the Welcome fair absolutely free! 


Societies Fair 

We have over 200 societies here at UEA and you can chat to all their committees at Societies Fair ! From Academic societies like Politics or Law, to Games and Hobbies societies like Garlic Bread! Make sure to show your face and learn all about their taster sessions, events, talks and campaigns and have the chance to ask committees any questions. 

Sports Fair 

Our wide range of over 50 clubs all congregate in our Sportspark just for you. This is your chance to have a browse through all of them and meet the members to get an idea of what they’re like. If any of them take your fancy, you can sign up on the day! We strongly recommend going along so you can catch all the important dates like their first Do Something Different sessions and their first club social.