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a day in the life of an su officer

Lots of students ask me what it’s like being an officer- a question I’ve always found difficult to answer. Representing students means no day is the same and you become involved in so much more than just having a face on the wall. Being an SU officer is one of the best experiences I could have asked for and I hope all of you nominate yourselves and support your friends in doing so too. But with our elections coming up, I thought I’d write about what a day in the life of an Officer really is;


Lobbying for a better Student Experience

My day starts at 9am with tea (or if I’m treating myself a Vanilla Latte from Unio). First thing I do is organise and sort my emails before checking I’ve got everything prepared for the day. In my role I overlook a lot of the wider student experience that impact students throughout their degree. I’ll have meetings with University staff from catering to senior management about how to improve campus and the services students use daily.


Changing the SU

One of my big pledges as an officer was supporting students to make change in their SU. Every day I meet with students who want to change something about one of our services, campaigns or democratic structures. This means lots of rushing around and changing things last minute but it’s completely worth it when you have wins for students at the end. While some meetings can be rather dull, spending the day painting placards or blowing inflatables up for the LCR is pretty good day to me!


Night Events

Often as an Officer I get invited to a wide range of events happening across campus and in the city. From 5pm onwards I’m often leading either at a planning meeting with students, on the radio or taking a back seat and listening to an engaging talk. This has to be my favourite part of my job - being around students who care passionately about their cause, society or campaign motivates me very day to represent them and support them in implementing the change they want to see.

Also the 9am starts haven’t stopped me from busting a move at Damn Good. My favourite this year was Disney LCR, although I have saved the SU from embarrassment by not dressing up this year…


I’m proud to say I transformed by being part of my Student Union. Want to learn more about running to be an officer and leading our Union? We have a series of workshops focussed on different skills and roles happening until nominations close on 9 March


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