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Being a full-time officer at uea(su) is a really rewarding experience and involves so much more than just having your face on the wall in the Hive! As the Campaigns and Democracy officer at uea(su), my job is to represent students, which means that every working day is different. I often get asked - 'what do you actually do?' So thought I'd use this blog to give you a taste of what a day at work could look like for me.  

09:00 – I arrive at work and, after grabbing a coffee from UNIO, I get to my desk in the office and check through my emails. 

09:30 – I've got a meeting with Marketing to talk about the student officers' priority campaigns. These are Housing, Accessible Education and Mental Health. 

10:30 – After going through the branding for our priority campaigns, I'm back at my desk and writing proposals for better accountability at the SU. Getting students involved in democracy at uea(su) is really important to me. I want to make union council more inclusive and tackle the big questions about engagement with the SU so that we can make ourselves more accountable.  

11:00  - I'm out and about with the Change One Thing stand and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Medicine and Health Science school. We spend a few hours talking to as many students as possible about what they want to change about UEA. 

13:00 – It's lunchtime. After dropping the Change One Thing forms back at the office, I'm off to shop(su) to see what's on offer for lunch today. There's lots of choice and different international foods, which means that lunchtime never gets boring. 

14:00 – I look after the commercial services of uea(su) so, as well as being a customer of the shop, I attend the Retail and Catering Team Meetings. There's one of these today, we're talking about how the commercial services are doing – including shop(su), bar(su), UNIO and the Grab & Go. 

15:00 – I'm now meeting with Mary Leishman, the Undergraduate Education officer, and we're off to meet the Vice Chancellor. As governors' of the University, we meet with the VC to go through the papers for University Council. 

16:00 – Back in the office again, and I'm writing my report for Union Council for this week. At Union Council, the officers give regular updates on the work they've done so that councillors can ask us questions and give their opinions.  

17:00 – My final appointment of the day is a Skype call meeting with the Aurora Student Council. I'm talking with delegates from all around Europe and we all update on the work that we're doing. 

18:00 – It's time to head home! 


This day is just a snapshot of what I do in a week and every day will throw up something new. As an Officer I get the opportunity to be involved in decision-making and see the wide range of exciting events happening across campus. 
Nominations and elections for our full and part-time officer roles in 2018/19 will start next semester, so if you're thinking about running and have questions about the job, feel free to contact me or the relevant officer.  
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