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support picturehouse cinema workers

At Union Council, not only do we vote on what uea(su) should lobby the University about, but also make decisions on how uea(su) interacts with external companies. One such motion that recently passed was a motion I introduced to support the workers of Picturehouse cinemas. 

The Picturehouse cinema chain is owned by Cineworld and runs cinemas such as CinemaCity in Norwich. For the past few years, workers all across the country from the Picturehouse chain have been engaging in industrial action to fight for their right to the living wage, union recognition, maternity and sick pay. When the CEO of Cineworld earned £2.6 million during 2016 and the company made a net profit of £82m, it is ridiculous and entirely unfair that the company is refusing to pay their workers fairly. Not only are Picturehouse refusing to pay a fair wage or give their employees basic rights, but have treated striking workers appallingly -  sacking, threatening to sack, and suspending workers involved. 

Union Council voted to support the Picturehouse workers and their campaign for employment rights. As a result, we will no longer be inviting CinemaCity to freshers' fairs or having any dealings with them until the dispute is resolved. We'd also like to encourage students' to boycott the Picturehouse chain and, if you're going to see a movie, vote with your feet and choose one of Norwich's other cinemas. To read the full motion, click here.

Lewis Martin, SU Mature Students' Officer


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