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New food stalls in the Hive

Amanie Mathurin - Ethnic Minorities Officer

UEA’s student population is very diverse, we welcome students from all across the globe and from various background and cultures. At uea(su), we strive to create a welcoming environment for all students to make your university experience as comfortable and enjoyable as we possibly can.  

We are constantly seeking ways to improve students’ experiences and we are always ready and willing to listen to your ideas for making campus a better place. 

One of the areas which students have said can be improved is the range of food on campus as the options available do not always reflect the diversity of our student body. This has been a point which has come up in almost every caucus and assembly of both International & Ethnic Minority students. We have listened to this feedback and acted to improve your student experience.  

Food is an important aspect of maintaining and celebrating one's cultural identity. For students who are away from home- whether they are international students or home students from another city- having meals they grew up eating at the family dinner table is often a form of comfort which reminds them of home. Moreover, having a wider range of food is an important way of allowing students to engage in cultural exchange and learn about unfamiliar cultures.

To improve this, from last semester the SU has been working with various companies to increase the range of food available. To increase the diversity of food we collaborated with three vendors who regularly provide Indian, West African and Afro Caribbean cuisine at affordable prices every Mondays and Thursdays in the Hive and provide vegan and vegetarian options. 

Schedule of the vendors stalls:  

Didi’s Dining:  

Available every Thursday 11am to 4pm.  

Selling West African and Afro-Caribbean Food, including Jollof rice, Nigerian Dumpling, Nigerian Jerk Pork, Nigerian Suya, Plantains and many more. 

Namaste India: 

Available every Thursday 11am to 4pm. 

Selling Vegan Indian Food including samosas, rice, chickpeas curry with lime pickle. 


Patience Unazi: 

Available every Monday 12pm to 5pm. 

Selling West African and Afro Caribbean Food including Goat Curry, Puff Puff, Vegetarian curry, Jerk chicken, African Chicken Delight.


We are currently seeking to expand these collaborations and to include food from other regions such as South East Asian and Latin American cuisine.  

If you have any recommendations of restaurants or individuals who may be interested in providing this service or would like to give us any feedback on our present vendors please contact us at 


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