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Making an academic appeal

Getting the results for any piece of academic work you've completed is a nerve-wracking moment. The long hours and days of pouring over books, compiling research, writing and re-writing all boils down to one final mark. So what can you do if you don't feel the result you've received is fair?  

The University has an appeals procedure that you can use to challenge your result. Postgraduate students who finished recently may have had access to provisional results, but these grades can only be appealed after the board of examiners have met and confirmed them. To see when your board are meeting, check the UEA website here 

You'll normally have to submit an appeal within 10 working days from when you're notified of the result, but if you're unsure of your specific deadline we'd recommend starting the process as soon as possible to give you time to seek advice and prepare your case. 

Advice(su) can help you with academic appeals, and there's a wealth of information about the process on the advice section of our website here

For now, I'll outline the main grounds for appealing so you can see if you have a case. You can appeal if one of the following reasons applies: 

  • Your extenuating circumstances haven't been properly considered. 

  • Your performance was adversely affected by unreported EC's AND you have UEA approval to submit late. 

  • You have not received adequate or appropriate learning support. 

  • Your result is not valid because correct procedure was not followed. 

  • Your result has been affected by prejudice or bias. 

  • Significant changed made to your course were not properly communicated and/or were not properly taken into account. 

  • Natural justice dictates that the appeal be upheld.  

If you're unsure about whether you can make an appeal, come and talk to an advice worker in Union House. The reception is open from 10am to 4pm every day for information or to make appointments. You can also email or phone 01603 593463 


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