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travelling on a tier 4 visa

Many international students who come to the UK to study from further afield like to take the opportunity to visit mainland Europe while they are here.  

On a Tier 4 visa, you can enter and leave the UK as many times as you like during your period of study, providing you have the correct documents. However, travelling out of the country between your course end date and graduation may be more difficult due to visa regulations. If you need a visa to travel, embassies may require you to have 3-6 months left on your UK study visa so, although you may have time at the end of your course, it may be more difficult to travel outside the UK at that time. The Tier 4 visa also depends on you being a student so, if you are no longer studying, your re-entry to the UK may be questioned and the decision will be made by the immigration officer at the border. If you are returning to your home country, but coming back to the UK for graduation, the University advise you to apply for a new visa if appropriate.  

Travelling is a really great opportunity to take and Europe has the benefit of being easily accessible from the UK. It's unfortunate that international students experience this scrutiny over visa's, but it's important not to get caught out by the rules. If you are an international student planning to travel, it's a good idea to plan your trip as far as possible in advance.

You can find advice on where to travel and learn more about visa's on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website here

The University Student Support Service also has a guide for international students, which you can find here.


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