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get ready for our second semester research project


With Christmas break on the horizon you might not be thinking about what next semester entails, but with a new year brings new exciting opportunities, and postgraduate(su) is no different. Next semester we have lots of research planned and we want all postgraduates to be involved! We’ll be focusing on sport, food and PGR representation, here’s why... 


Why should I exercise? How much should I be exercising? Is sport at UEA accessible to me? You’re not alone if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions since becoming a postgrad at UEA, and we want to use your feedback to lobby for sports-related improvement on campus for postgraduates. While making the time to exercise can be really difficult, it’s important for so many reasons: to look after your mental health, looking after your physical wellbeing, to make friends & to socialise, to de-stress from your studies and much more, which is why it’s so important that we ensure that sport is accessible to all postgraduates on campus. 


Especially towards the end of the semester when deadlines are looming and there aren’t enough hours in the day, it can be difficult to eat well, and lots of us often forget to eat at all. But how does this effect your physical health, mental wellbeing, and your studies? We want to look at what the best options for PGs during these busy periods are. When you’re at the library working on your dissertation, is the food available to you good for you and affordable? This is what we will be investigating, we want you to reach your full potential and for food not to be a barrier to this! 

PGR Representation 

Over the past few years, the Graduate Student Association has merged with UEASU and we want to look at the impact of that and to look at whether changes previously made to the postgraduate community have been enough? We want to investigate how we can create an even more welcoming, diverse and well-functioning community of researchers and to make sure that they are getting the full benefit of their time in higher education.  


To undertake the research, we will be organising surveys and focus groups which will all be advertised next semester. For now, while you’re hopefully relaxing over Christmas break, why not take the time to reflect on these topics, to think about what your postgraduate experience at UEA has been like so far, and to think about what could be done to improve. Upon your return to UEA in January make sure to keep an eye for our advertisements and get ready to be involved in improving our services for the future! For any more information on the above please do email me at


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