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As we get further into the Spring Semester I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about what opportunities are available to you in terms of Postgraduate funding and finance. 

Postgraduate(su) has a variety of funding opportunities available for students, as well as other funds to support student-led activities, and I highly encourage you to make the most of them during your time here at UEA. 

Along with the funding that you can get from your schools, research councils, the government and many more sources, you can apply for two streams of funding from postgraduate(su). Both grants exist to help every postgraduate student at UEA so please do use them! Here’s some information on what the two streams are and how you can apply for them:

The Social Grant:

  • This pot of funding is aimed at subsidising social activities that help to develop the postgraduate community. 
  • Every year lots of student-led postgraduate events are made possible because of this grant and it can be for used for a variety of things such as social events, dinners, trips away and more. It should be used for anything that involves fun and community building and this grant can help you cover some of the costs. 
  • To apply, head over to, download the form and return it via email to

The Conference/Research Fund:

  • This pot of funding aims to help postgraduates with costs incurred by research activities or conferences.
  • Here at postgraduate(su) we understand that your academic interests go way beyond campus and we want to help you with this financially. With this funding you can claim back costs used for any major expenses incurred by a conference you attended or research that you conducted.
  • To apply, head over to, download the form and return it via email to


Please remember that before you submit ANY application you must read the Terms of Reimbursement so that you are familiar with what we can and cannot fund. For more information on how your application will be assessed and for more details on what is expected from your application, head over to


We are constantly looking to evaluate our spending and are always looking to spend our budget in line with our overall democratic strategy. We believe that providing funding opportunities for postgraduates is a big part of this.

We love seeing students using these grants for good. Last year’s budget overview shows that we were able to provide £3358.77  in total to students who applied for the Social Grant:



We were also able to provide £3815.34 in total to students who applied for the Conference/Research funding.


If you would like to know more about postgraduate(su) finances then please do to see our agenda for the mid-point budget review which has just taken place. Alternatively, why not get involved yourself! We welcome all students who want to get involved within our democratic structure and would love to see you at our next Postgraduate Assembly meeting. Why not come along and have your say! All the details can be found at For more information on getting funding or getting involved with postgraduate(su) please do contact me at


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