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what I'll be working on this year

As your postgraduate education officer, I undertake a variety of tasks throughout the year and there is so much to do! I want you to be able to engage with what I'm up to, so here's some things I'll be working on this year. 

If you have a read and find something you would like be involved with, please contact me via

Have a great start of the new academic year!



  • Improve organisational structures for postgraduates 

This includes governance of the union, a doctoral college strategy for PGs and getting Norwich Biosience institutes involved.

  • Strengthen representation for PG students 

I want to improve postgraduate participation within the Aurora Universities Network, strengthen the network for postgraduate students nationally and work to improve engagement with NUS.

  • Improve the experience for BAME PG students

Throughout the upcoming year I want to work on evaluating the postgraduate attainment gap for BAME students and ensure these students feed in to policies, priority campaigns and project plans.

  • Building on provision for postgraduate employment and enterprise

I plan on working to improve the employment capacity and efficacy of the SU and the university when it comes to PG students and ensure employability and enterprise is better represented within the curriculum.

  • Improve university food provision

I want to increase the options available to students and incorporate university catering into SU provision.

  • Improve postgraduate accommodation

I want to work on improving the suitability of contracts for PG students and improve the general quality of residences.

  • Strengthen postgraduate activities and events

I plan on continuing to support networking opportunities for PG students and introduce a winter graduation ceremony in 2020.

  • Supporting PG mental health and resilience

I’m planning to increase mental health training provision, particularly through increasing the availability of mental health first aid training and resilience training.

  • Improve PG space provision
  • Improve access to sport

This includes better timetabling of sessions, improved payment options and increasing inclusivity of clubs.

  • Enhancing sustainability
  • Improve PG Communications

I want to work on a PG communications strategy across the SU, and improve university communications including cross-communications between the SU and university.

  • Building on academic support structures

I plan to work on improving PGT and PGR rep structures, peer assisted learning and enhancing engagement with academic societies.


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