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Over 6,000 of you voted in the academic polls, and – after a lot of counting – the results are in.

In the last few weeks you’ve probably seen me around campus encouraging students to get involved with the academic polls. This was a brilliant chance for you to tell me what you think I should be working on, and a way for me to make sure I’m working in your academic interests.  

Polling stations were at different locations across campus: the SU Shop, Unio, the Library, Scholars, and the Julian Study Centre (JSC).

We gave students a token which counted as a vote, and told them to place it in a jar which was labelled with the issue they thought I should be focussing on.

A staggering 6170 students voted in the polls – and after a long time counting, I can finally announce the results:


1. Expand the library (2526 votes)

40.94% of the votes were for library expansion – making it the clear winner of the polls.


2. Mental health training for academic advisors (1744 votes)

28.27% of all votes were in favour of making mental health training mandatory for all staff before they’re allowed to be academic advisors. (Read Jo Swo’s blog about why this is important).


3. Reading lists should be released at least 2 weeks before term begins (719 votes)

11.65% of students voted to get their reading lists confirmed earlier – giving them much more time to source cheap editions of the books and get a head start on their reading!


4. Timetables should be accessible earlier, and more consistent (596 votes)

9.66% of students thought I should be pushing the university to release timetables earlier, and asking them to reduce the amount of seminars that have room-changes last minute.


5. Standardised, online marking for coursework (585 votes)

9.48% of the votes were for eradicating handwritten feedback on coursework. Though we’ll still be fighting for good quality (and legible) feedback for coursework, it’s clearly not a priority for most students.


Here’s the results in a graph:


It’s obvious from the results that students are very concerned about library space – and with student numbers set to rise in the next few years, the University needs to come up with an immediate plan to improve study space for students. During my time as Undergraduate Education Officer, this is where I’ll be channelling my efforts.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions you’d like me to take to the University, get in touch with me


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