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Transforming Education Awards - Nominees

This year’s Transforming Education Awards are being held on Wednesday 17 March. These awards are a great way for us to recognise the hard work of our academic staff in transforming UEA students’ learning experience and celebrate the individuals who go above and beyond to provide an excellent quality of teaching and support for their students. There’s no doubt that having a good lecturer, tutor or advisor can make a positive change to your module or even your whole degree!

Thank you to everyone who nominated their lecturers, supervisors, advisors and support staff for one of our 10 categories! We can now reveal all the shortlists to you:

Advisor of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the pastoral support that advisors provide to students, enabling them to feel supported in decisions of academic or welfare areas and who help students when in need.


Anna-Marie Fuller (CHE)                              Simon Lancaster (CHE)                  Kay Yeoman (BIO)


Advocate for Students Award:

The Advocate for Students Award is here to recognise a member of staff who goes above and beyond to put the students’ interests at the centre of what they do. This may be continuing a message from students up through the School, or be someone who fights for the student experience at every step.


Tony Bagnall (CMP)                        Joel Halcomb (HIS)                          Owen Warnock (LAW)


Equality and Diversity in Teaching Award:

This award is for teaching which is most inclusive of equality and diversity values. This could be taking into consideration different learning needs and styles or by creating a diverse and socially conscious curriculum.


Gareth Edwards (DEV)                   Linda McCarthy (AMA)                   Helen Warner (PPL)


Innovative Teaching Award:

The award for most Innovative Teaching recognises teaching which involves creative and new ways of using technology or teaching methods, including new and exciting forms of assessment and feedback.


Bahar Ghezelayagh (ECO)                            Chris Jones (HIS)                              Paul McDermott (PHA)


Inspirational Teaching Award:

The award for Most Inspiring Teaching recognises passionate teaching that encourages and inspires students to believe in their abilities and to strive for the most out of their education.


David Cutting (ENV)                        Catherine Heywood (PHA)                           Jaimie Johansson (LDC)

Ben Milner (CMP)                           Kavita Ramakrishnan (DEV)                         Martin Scott (DEV)


Postgraduate Research Director of the Year Award:

This award for PGR Director of the Year is to recognise those staff who go above and beyond their usual workload in order to support PhD students within their school, whether this be through academic or pastoral support, and help to build a community with a group of students who may otherwise be isolated.


Rayna Denison and Eylem Atakav (AMA)                Laura Camfield (DEV)


PhD Support Award:

This award recognises staff members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm and support to PhD students. This can include supervisors, or any other staff member a PhD student feels has strongly supported them.


Andrew Bayliss (PSY)                      Jenda Crozier (HSC)                        Joel Halcomb (HIS)


Best PhD/Associate Tutor Award:

The award for Best PhD/Associate Tutor recognises visiting staff or those teaching as part of their PhD who have made a particular impression on their students.


Hussam Hussein (DEV)                   Michael Kyriacou (PPL)                  James Woods (CHE)


Student Partnership Officer of the Year Award:

This award is to recognise the work of Student Partnership Officers in each area. Reasons could include whether they have gone the extra mile to encourage representation from all levels and courses in your School or regularly help students engage with representation and encourage to use the Student Voice.


Joseph Grant (MTH)                       Joel Halcomb (HIS)


Support Staff Member of the Year Award:

The award for Support Staff Member of the Year recognises non-academic staff who are friendly, helpful and supportive of students and who work with students to improve their service.


Scott Brown (LDC)                           Gillian Rogers (LTS)                         Sue Spurgeon (SCI)


To find out more about all the nominees, head to the shortlist.

If you’d like to come along to the awards ceremony (held in the LCR on Wednesday 17 May) you can reserve your free ticket here. Everyone's welcome and it's shaping up to be a great night!




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