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Strike aftermath: get your questions answered

The industrial action that many of our lecturers and academic support staff took part in last semester has been suspended after UCU members voted nationally to accept a new pensions deal. This means that the proposed  exam period strikes will not be going ahead and all teaching should be back to normal this term.  

Although the strike is over, the nature of the industrial action is that it had a real impact on students' learning through 14 days of missed teaching. Many students have questions that deserve to be answered and so we've organised a forum to ensure you have the opportunity to raise these questions directly to the Vice Chancellor, UCU and the Students' Union. 

For example, you may have questions concerning the mitigation action that is planned to cover content that was not delivered during the strike; where have the wages that were withheld from striking staff gone? Will deadlines be pushed back? Will key elements of degree teaching be affected? What support is being provided to those being tasked with ensuring learning outcomes are met? 

The forum event will be taking place on Thursday April 19th, from 9:30-11am in The Hive, Union House. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and if you have a question you'd like to submit, please use this link and leave your question in the comments. 

There is also a Facebook event where you can stay updated by clicking that you're attending. 


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