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Extenuating Circumstances

With just one week to go until the end of term, lots of you are in the process of submitting assignments. This can be a tough time and sometimes things come up which might affect how you do in your assessments.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with extenuating circumstances and what to do and when to apply for them as it’s important to let the University know as soon as possible.

What are extenuating circumstances?

If your ability to study, complete coursework or exam performance is negatively affected by external factors outside your control this is known as an “extenuating circumstance”.  As a UEA student, if your performance is, or is likely to be affected by extenuating circumstances, you have the right to ask for those to be taken into account when your work is being assessed.

How do I submit one?

ECs must be reported online via E:vision by students on undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes.  UEA guidance for using the reporting system is available here.

As well as this, there’s further guidance on our website.

Where can I get some advice?

If you would like to talk about applying for an EC, completing the form, or on whether or not you have grounds to submit one, then please do come to our advice centre!

You can book an appointment by...

  •  coming to the advice service reception between 10am and 4pm
  • phone on 01603 593463
  • Email:
  • Or click here to fill out the online booking form.


This isn’t the only academic advice that advice(su) can offer you, they can also give guidance when it comes to getting a re-mark, academic appeals, making an academic complaint, taking a break from your studies, plagiarism, and much more. If you think you need some academic advice then please don’t hesitate, click here to book an appointment with advice(su) today.

For any more information on academic advice in general then click here to head straight to the website, or feel free to contact me at



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