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what should you pack for university?

Unless you’ve been there before, it is hard to know what the essentials are to pack for UEA. Here are some essentials that I think you’ll need when moving into your accommodation.  

  1. Clothes: You don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe because you will not have the space for it all. We would suggest bringing winter clothing in the first semester, then spring/summer outfits when you go home for Christmas! A staple piece of a student’s wardrobe is definitely a dressing gown, you’ll find yourself always in it. Also, don’t forget something formal e.g. suit/dress for any balls/parties that might occur! 

  2. A fancy-dress option – With all the different DAMN GOOD themes and club/society socials, you never know what outfits you are going to need so bring a few popular costumes to save you spending your loan. 

  3. Kitchen utensils: remember to bring your favourite mugs and dishes maybe more than one because let’s face it, students are terrible with doing their washing up. Also, cutlery and other cooking tools will be needed but remember you can always buy pots/pans/plates when you arrive at the sale with the British Heart Foundation. We suggest connecting with your flat mates to organise who is bringing certain kitchen equipment and tools like your kettles and tin openers so you don’t end up with 10, you can all chip in and buy them when you arrive here.  

  4. Bathroom essentials: the obvious ones are the toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste etc. but bringing flip flops and a shower bag would be a great idea if you’ll be using communal showers! It might be a good idea to bring a toothbrush holder and some soap but you will not need loo roll as that is provided by our cleaners across campus accommodation. Don’t forget any of medication or pain killers you may need as well as a first aid kit. 

  5. Cosy touches: If you want to make your accommodation feel more like home, you can add personal touches like cushions/blankets/throws! If you’re the kind of person with green fingers, we have a plant sale during Welcome Week where you can buy your own plants and pots from our huge range.  

  6. Photos: Bringing pics of friends and family to put up on your walls is also a great idea to make your accommodation a home. Alternatively, we have a massive poster sale during Welcome Week for you to decorate your room with.  

  7. Laundry stuff: laundry basket/bag and drying rack – don't forget you have to do your own washing at university with circuit laundry. We’re adults now! 

  8. Stationary: At the end of the day, you’re here to study so bring plenty of notebooks, binders, highlighters for all your modules. Make sure you keep yourself organised with folders and magazine holders. We also recommend a weekly planner/diary, just like the wall planner we provide you, to keep on top of everything!

  9. Reusable water bottle and flask: Here at UEA, we pride ourselves on our commitment to looking after the environment. We recommend bringing reusable bottles and flasks for your drinks to avoid the charges placed on one-use cups.  

  10. Books/comics/magazines: Why not bring something you enjoy reading to unwind from all the work you’re doing for your course– you don’t want to only read things that are part of the curriculum! 

  11. Hot water bottle and a fan – This is England, the weather is so unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for the temperature changes in your student room over the year. Whilst the rooms come with heaters, nothing beats a cosy hot water bottle. 


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