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Sexperience Launch

 Do you know how to get a free sexual health kit delivered to your door? Do you know how to recognise the signs of a healthy relationship? Do you know where to get unlimited access to free condoms? If your answer to any of these is no then please don’t worry, you are not alone and the sexperience campaign is here to help! If you want to know how to get free on the spot HIV testing, a c-card giving you unlimited access to free condoms and a free STI kit delivered to your house then make sure you come along to our sexperience launch event to get information on all of this.  

 The sexperience campaign aims to break down the stigma around sexual health and relationship advice and to encourage all UEA students to be responsible for their wellbeing. Educating yourself about your own sexual health and on maintaining healthy relationships is so important, and I want to make sure that you have the information you need to be able to do this. Talking about everything that comes under these topics is not embarrassing or unusual and this is what our sexperience launch event will be promoting.   

The event will be on Wednesday 14th November in the Hive between 10am and 5pm. It's open to every single student, and the campaign itself is completely all-inclusive. Come along to the event to get lots more information on sexperience, including talks and discussion panels on sexual health, healthy relationships, and also information about ALL healthy relationships. Having healthy relationships with family and friends, for example, is just as important as having healthy sexual relationships. There will be interactive stalls, cakes, panels and the chance to sign up for free c-cards, free sexual health testing kits, free HIV testing and to ask any questions.  

We will be giving you some really important information to take away with you. For example, did you know that you can visit the icash website to quickly sign up for a sexual health testing kit to be posted to your home for free? Or that under 25s can get a free c-card from our advice centre?    

Click here to check out my video showing exactly what the icash sexual health kits contain.

Why not come along to the event and get the information that you need to know! Stay tuned for more information about the event, including a full schedule for the day.  If you have any questions about sexperience then please do not hesitate to email me at  


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