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who am I? Aims for the year

Who am I? Your new welfare officer! 

Hello all! If you didn’t already know, it’s me, your new welfare, community and diversity officer. A bit about me, I’m actually a local to East Anglia, I obviously can’t get enough of it. 

I've recently just graduated from UEA in History and I was really lucky to hold the role of President last year for the UEA Pride society. Now, it’s time for the next chapter. 

I ran for this role because... I’ve got a lot of passion for this area and I have some (hopefully) cool ideas for the upcoming year.  

Firstly, in terms of general welfare, I know it can be hard living as a student and dealing with the costs, I’ve got the debts to prove it! An aim of mine is to tackle to alleviate social and economic inequalities amongst students. Over the year, I want to raise awareness about the food parcels that can be accessed if needed by advice(su) for free.  

I want to kickstart a recycled food project where different cultural societies would join forces and cook up a storm. The idea behind this project is to frequently hold social events for students who want to learn to cook certain dishes, struggling with finances at university and wants to meet new people in a friendly environment.  

Mental health is a core issue in my aims for the year, I want to tackle loneliness and self-isolation here at UEA because I think it’s something most students can feel at some point during their university experience.  

To achieve this for students, I will provide help to improve and support pre-existing welfare projects like ‘Take 5’. This fortnightly student initiative is here to support your wellbeing; it’s got food, Nintendo switch and also the campus celebrity dog Ice the Akita. Similarly, ‘The Courage Project’ is another great scheme which is aimed at postgraduates and extends into so many different areas which supports mental health.  

I want it compulsory for at least two committee members from sports clubs and societies to attend mental health training; not only that but make the training also accessible for all. We should be working together as a community and be looking out for one another. 

The third area I want to dive into is housing and flat sharing. I want to stop the common trend of students having to rush to find a house as soon as possible in semester one because realistically, it is just another pressure thrown onto new members when they’re already juggling so much. I would like more housing events to be held throughout the academic year. Also, a final aim of mine is to offer a better option for the way flats are organised to allow students to feel more comfortable about coming to university. It is recorded that 624 students dropped out of university in the last academic year, I want to try my best over this year to bring that number down and ensure students enjoy the unique, crazy experience that is university.  

If you ever want a chat by all means, hit me up. Drop me an email at with either your comments and questions or to book a time where we can meet and have a natter about anything and everything, I want to make sure students know I’m here and am wanting to make university the best time for them. 


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