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extending your deadlines

Hello all! I hope you are all well and are excited for the well-deserved holidays.  

However, as I’m sure most of you already know, deadline season is just around the corner and when you’re having to balance attendance, social lives and everyday responsibilities of being an adult, it isn’t always possible to complete your assignments to the best of your ability.  

I think it is important you all are aware of the facts about extensions which you’re entitled to. 

Each student is granted two self-certified 3-day extensions per year, but you do need to give a valid reason. You can access these through your faculty’s hub. 

If you require extenuating circumstances, which can extend to various issues you might be facing you can request for an extension for how long you feel this issue will have a presence in your life and how it might affect your assignments. 

If your extension carry’s on outside term time, your deadline could potentially be pushed further.


Your EC report is more likely to be accepted if you: 

  • You have given enough detail about the circumstances and how they have affected your study 

  • You’ve provided appropriate supporting evidence 

  • You have ensured they fit within the EC guidelines followed by the UEA 

  To ask for more than one thing (for example - a time extension and consideration of your circumstances by the end of year board), you must submit separate reports for each. 

  If you have a problem with an assessment (for example missing an exam because of illness or are late submitting work) you must make an EC report within 2 working days of the exam or submission date. 

  Good luck with all your assessments, I’m sure you will all smash them out the park! 


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