Transforming Education Awards Shorlist 2017

There were over 250 nominations received by our students to celebrate the hard work that thir academic staff contributed to their education this year. A panel of students was convened to decide on who would be shortlisted and decide the winners of the awards. All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Transforming Education Awards in May where the winners will be announced.

The shortlist for the Transforming Education Awards 2017 are:

Advisor of the Year Award Shortlist

Anna-Marie Fuller (CHE)

Students stated that Anna has been a constant source of support without judgment when students are facing physical or mental health difficulties. Her advice has been honest, but helpful linking to procedures or revision techniques. She's also helped individuals when facing difficulties regarding deadlines and workload, and has helped to have a module deadline to be movfed when she felt it was poorly placed for all students.

Simon Lancaster (CHE)

Simon has been nominated by his students due to his tireless and dedicated work in the role of advisor. In times of difficulty Simon has been able to not only facilitate a break from study but help those who were affected through that period. For his students he has been able to help chase and push through extensions and ensured that students have access to the resources they need in order to complete their studies. One nomination stated that Simon had gone beyond his advising role to help them during their time at UEA.

Kay Yeoman (BIO)

Nominations showed that students appreicate that Kay appears to have all the time in the world to help them. She is able to help in a calm, patient and understanding way no matter a students background or disability. She has been pivotal in helping students with formal processes and on advice on how to study.


Advocate for Students Award Shortlist

Tony Bagnall (CMP)

Tony has been a huge help to students over the last three months helping with a particular module where there were issues around coursework. He arranged for addiditonal resources for the students as well as pushing for a month long extension for all students studying it in order to allow them to gain an understanding of the content before writing, as well as offering support over the Christmas break.

Joel Halcomb (HIS)

Joel has been nominated to take hours out of his time to try and address the issues of both undergraduate and postgraduate students with an unlimited amount of patience and goodwill. He has addressed a number of complaints, and is known as a truly selfless member of staff with a door that is always open. He listens to students and makes them feel like their voice is heard within the department.

Owen Warnock (LAW)

Owen has been nominated for his time and passion to help develop students in the Law School and their employability skills. He encourages students to drop in and talk to him about potential jobs, and on more than one occasion when this has happened he has then taken the time to sit the student down and complete a mock interview, providing feedback after. He actively volunteers to assist with the UEA Law Society  with their career events, acting as a judge and a mentor during competitions. He also works hard to run unique initiatives for studenst such as the recent 'mock law form assessment day.'

Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum Award Shortlist

Gareth Edwards (DEV)

Gareths nominations recognised his work to provide an accommodating degree in Geography and International Development. He has always thought carefully and cvonsiderately about how pupils with limited mobility can be included in field trips, seminars and events. He also takes time to contact the Student Support Services, and locations of trips to ensure accessibility for his students.

Linda McCarthy (AMA)

Linda has been nominated due to helping students with regards to their mental health issues which can be triggered in academic situations. Nominations state that she has been able to change teaching methods and class discussions in order to provide a supportive and comfortable environment for her students when studying.

Helen Warner (PPL)

Helen has been nominated due to her work to introduce the module Gender and Power. She has continuously participated or run projects at UEA or in Norwich to promote gender diversity, such as "Day of the Girl". The Gender and Power module is said to be inclusive, with sources from academics with varied backgrounds and works to address issues of gender, race, sexuality and class.


Innovative Teaching Award Shortlist

Bahar Ghezelayagh (ECO)

Bahar has been nominated due to their use of video tutorials which have been embedded within the teaching, even with some being created on the formative assessments. They also use innovative websites in their area such as Socrative which students feel make the subject more interactive and interesting.

Chris Jones (HIS)

Chris has been nominated because of a badges and points system which he has put into place in his module Propaganda. Students enjoyed the idea of this system alongside a leaderboard and end of term University Challenge style quiz for them to take prt in. The students recognised the value of screenings, quizzes, games and challenges in their seminars which they feel helps keep entertained and active in their subject as well as creating a passion for the topic amongst them.

Paul McDermott (PHA)

Paul was nominated by students due to this different approach to teaching. They highlighted that in their first lecture he used clips from matrix to explain his teaching style and since then consistently uploads lectures and interactive videos to prepare students for their lectures. He also is known to upload short videos to instagram in order to answer students questions - something which nominations showed students valued due to the difficulty of the module.

Inspirational Teaching Award Shortlist

David Cutting (CMP)

David has inspired students he teaches to consider completing a PhD after studies. The subject he teaches can be tough for students but he shares immense passion and dedication for it whilst keeping the topic fun. David encourages students to think out of the box and goes out of his way to challenge his students in a safe environment.

Catherine Heywood (PHA)

Students nominated Catherine due to ther ability to consistently deliver Pharmacy content that would typically be rather dull, in na exciting yet informative manner. Her lectures have been extremely valuable ti students mostly due to her ability to link info to good practice. In addition she has provided studnets with support and spends time co-ordinating hospital placements.

Jaimie Johansson (LDC)

Jaimie was nominated because of her nature and insistence thst everyone's opinions and contributions are valid and valued. She is insistent that everybody can achieve their goals and that everyone has a unique and valued perspective. She has inspired students to pursue alternative (especially feminist or queer) readings of texts and not to be afraid despite backlash that this still causes in the academic world.

Ben Milner (CMP)

Ben was nominated due to his ability to make topics that students may not have been previously interested in, captivating for them to learn about. Students said he was the best lecturer they've had over the time they've been here, and he always explains things in an easy to understand manner. He's capturing during his lectures and goes the extra mile during coursework and lab sessions.

Kavita Ramakrishnan (DEV)

Kavita was nominated due to her work in planning the India trip for students who study Interantional Development. Her students said that she is engagign and eye-opening and makes her students question what is being taught and discusses in lectures but also out in their field. Seminars she delivered leading up to the trip provided students with content that was not only interesting but they could then apply and understand more when out in India.

Martin Scott (DEV)

Martin has been nominated because of his ability to encourage students to engage with a wide range of perspectives and literature. He ensures that videos and readings used come from a range of diverse academics and consistently seeks feedback from students regarding the curriculum he teaches. He updates weekly via email an outline of the topics for the week ahead along with readings and questions to preapre for lectures and seminars.


Postgraduate Research Director of the Year Award Shortlist

Rayna Denison and Eylem Atakav (AMA)

Rayna and Eylem received joint nominations due to willingness to help students  when needed. They also both use different ways to inpsire students in their teaching and are patient with students.

Laura Camfield (DEV)

Laura has been nominated due to her effiecient, supportive and rational behaviour in her role as PGR academic director. She has been able to provide students with direction and help to find solutions in difficult situations. Students said she is an exceptional director and very approachable.

PhD Support Award Shortlist

Andrew Bayliss (PSY)

Andrew was nominated due to appreciation of him making time for each of his PhD students every week for a one hour supervisory meeting to discuss the progress but also to provide pastoral care if it's needed. He also is known to send a weekly availability update so that students know when he is available for advice. He additionally provides space for regular lab meetings enabling students to collaborate in a supportive environment.

Kenda Crozier (HSC)

Kenda was nominated due to her integral role in supporting the development of Bitesize PhD lunchtime seminar series in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. She has helped students to secure funding for this and has helped to encourage and invite high profile external speakers to take part. Nominations stated that she consistently values their opinions as students, no matter how trivial they feel they may be and they truly feel she enables the PGR students voice to be heard in the faculty,

Joel Halcomb (HIS)

Nominations stated that Joel is invaluable in terms of his dedication to fostering a strong PhD community in the School of History. Not only does he support in pastoral care but also helps to provide a sense of collegiality between the researchers and staff. He also actively advocated for Associate Tutors in the school to be paid for office hours and supports those who are teaching on his modules.

PhD/Associate Tutor of the Year Award Shortlist

Hussam Hussein (DEV)

Nominations showed that Hussam was someone who would always make himself available despite working thier way through his PhD. His studens said he was innovative in his teaching and always able to provide insights about skills and future careers from his careers in Non-Govermental Organisations.

Michael Kyriacou (PPL)

Michael was nominated due to his teaching style which enables interesting, inclusive and valuable discussion. He is always able to provide additional readiing or sources to subjects that come up. Nominations also showed that it was hard to notice he was a PhD student and not an established professor due to his teaching style and encouragement for ongoing research.

James Woods (CHE)

James was nominated due to his ability to make students feel they were all helped in the same way and that he was someone they could ask questions and know they would receive a full explanation in terms they could attend. Nominations stated that he spoke to students as if they were an equal, providing help in labs, helping students to grow their academic and practical lab abilities as well as helping with their wellbeing in an education setting.

Student Partnership Officer of the Year Award Shortlist

Joseph Grant (MTH)

Joe was shortlisted due to nominations stating that he is willing to listen to any suggestions and takes time out in order to help better the department. He is willing to implemet changes within his courses based on feedback and is good at communicating back to the student body what issues have been resolved and what actions are currently being taken.

Joel Halcomb (HIS)

Joel has work hard to help to grow the School SSLC over the past few years. He is extremely coscientious in having student involvemen in setting the agenda, and further leading feedback at higher Board levels. He has helped to ensure that deparment has had a proactive approach to issues such as assessment and feedback and has created a new feedback form to be trialled in the school. The meetings are conducted outside office hours and students recognise the contribution that Joel mades to ensure they run concisely but allowing for discussion on matters. Solutions are sought when possible and taken away to review and progress by Joel.


Support Staff of the Year Award Shortlist:

Scott Brown (LDC)

Nominations were made for Scott due to his ability to be available for the Drama department, providing assistance and answers at all times. More than just responding he actively engages and encourages students providing opportunities, support and advice. He is always there to help academically, but also to help with pastoral needs of many students.

Gillian Rogers (LTS)

Gillian has been nominated due to her willingness to help and solve problems for practice placements. Students would like to recognise the work that is done by Gillian behind the scenes so that students can get the most out of placements.

Sue Spurgeon (SCI)

Sue has been recognised due to her help with the Computer Science Society. She also is available to adjust meetings for when students are available and for providing support which students feel is above and beyond what she is required to do.


The Transforming Education Awards event will be taking place on May 17th at 6.30pm. For tickets please head here.