General Elections are an exciting time as voters get to decide who will represent them and who will run the country for the next 5 years. For some of you this will be the first time you’ve ever voted in a General Election, for others this will be the 2nd time in as many years as you’ve voted in Norwich. Some of you might remember in 2015 we ran Goats for Votes and registered over 1000 students to vote- this year we’ll be spending the next 6 weeks encouraging as many of you to register and have your say on the outcome of this election. As your SU we want to make sure the voice of students are heard loud and clear so we’ve put together some resources and information to make sure you’re able to vote and understand who you can vote for.
There is a wealth of information available on the Electoral Commission's website.

The information on this page will be updated over the next few days and will continue to evolve as we get closer to Thursday 8th June when across the country people will cast their vote.

“We were as surprised as many other people by the announcement Theresa May made on Tuesday 18th April about a General Election to be held on the 8th June this year, 3 years ahead of schedule. Whilst we hadn’t planned to deliver a General Election campaign in June of this year we’re working hard to put together a plan in the next few days on how we’ll be ensuring the voice of students is heard here in Norwich."Amy Rust – Campaigns and Democracy Officer:


Over the next few weeks we hope to be able to help you register so you’re able to vote. You can do this right now by clicking here, and also find where your nearest polling stations are by clicking here.

We'll also be providing help and support to allow you to consider the options on who you should vote for. Keep an eye on this page for information on events and activities alongside tonnes of information and guest blogs over the frantic next few weeks in the lead up to General Election 2017! #YourVoteMatters


International Students: Know your rights!
For many students where they study is their home and being able to shape the future of their area and country is important. Students from Commonwealth countries are eligible to vote in all UK elections provided they are resident in the UK and have leave to remain.  You will need to provide details of your status in the UK (i.e. a student visa) when registering. Click here to see a full list of qualifying Commonwealth countries.

How do I register to be able to vote?
This can be done easily online by following this link. It only takes 5 minutes! You must register to vote by Monday 22nd May in order to be able to vote on June 8th.

Where do I vote?
Your nearest polling station will be on your polling card, but to find your nearest polling station click here.

What voting system is used for a General Election?
General elections in the UK use a 'First-Past-The-Post' system, which is where the candidate with the most votes is the elected winner. You can find out more about this system, and other UK voting systems by clicking here

I'm not in Norwich on June 8th - can I still vote?
Yes you can! There are two options: you can either submit a postal vote (where you submit a vote in advance through the post), or a vote by proxy (where someone can cast your vote on your behalf). Please follow the links to find out more information - and make sure you have registered either for a postal or proxy vote by Tuesday 23rd May!