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Registering to vote

As a student, it is so important to register to vote at university so you can always make your voice heard no matter where you are. With politics being so dramatic now, you want to make sure you can vote for all the upcoming elections whether they are expected or not.

Spending a couple of minutes making sure you're registered could be the difference between being able to cast your vote or being disappointed on the day so do make sure.

Why should I register to vote? 

1. Every vote counts. Only 43% of 18-24-year-olds voted in 2015. If more young people had voted, the outcomes of the elections they were voting in could have been altered dramatically. 

2. Registering to vote reflects well on your credit rating. Although this might not be something you’ve ever thought about, if you want to get a mobile contract, rent, take a car out on credit or even get a mortgage, your credit-rating will be taken into account and it really helps if you’re on the electoral roll.

Will it affect my voting abilities elsewhere?

By registering at university, it does not mean you can't vote when you return home whilst you’re studying. You can register both at your home address and university address so you can vote wherever you are!

What if I can't vote in person?

If you are not going to be available on the day of voting, you can apply for a proxy vote or a postal ballot. 

How long does it take?

It takes 5 minutes to register- you could do it whilst making a cup of tea!

Where can I vote?

We'll make sure we publish maps and links to more info here when we get it.

Vote now!

Make sure you’re registered so that you have a say! What are you waiting for? Take 5 and register to vote at