Student Partnership Officer Resources

Thank you in advance for your work in the role of Student Partnership Officer. Your role is essential to ensuring students have a voice within your School and it is your work that allows students to co-create an academic experience that meets their needs and expectations and yours. At uea(su), we train and support Course Representatives (Reps) and School/Faculty Convenors to work in constructive partnership with you and all levels of the University. However, without your commitment, students would not have the opportunity to see and experience the resulting positive impacts.

Student representation is important in all guises especially at course level and feeding into school level discussions, and, here at UEA, we welcome the role of Course Reps in shaping their education. Opening up conversations to share best practice, identifying and fixing issues, and creating new opportunities to have a measurable impact on their academic and general UEA experience. Encouraging these conversations, collaborating on solutions or project with students will help to develop the academic community on campus and students' academic experience. We hope in working togeter we will bring about a unity and consistency which will show students not only how important their input is, but also how rewarding their time can be at UEA.

If you need further support in your role of Student Partnership Officer you can contact Clive Matthews (Academic Director for Taught Programmes, UEA) or Lindsay Westgarth (Student Engagement Coordinator - Representation, SU).

On this page we hope to be able to host resources for you that you may find useful in your role as the Student Partnership Officer, including promotional material.

In this section you will find the resources for use in publicity of the Easter elections to help promote the elections wihtin Schools. This branding has been made in line with an agreement at Learning and Teaching Committee in 2016/17 in order to give the Course Representation System an identity. If you have any questions or would like to know if there's possibility of a specific item created that is not here then please contact Lindsay Westgarth.