Screenwriting Workshop

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 2pm - 5pm

Congregation Hall 01.07

Have you got a great idea for a feature film? Love movies and want to know how scripts work? Or ever secretly thought you would do a much better job of writing a TV drama?

This three hour whistlestop tour of How to Write a Script is for you. You’ll discover:

• What makes a great story

• How to create wonderful (and terrifying) characters

• How to write dialogue that leaps off the page

• How to get an audience on the edge of their seats It’s fun and engaging and no preparation is required.

Great for complete beginners and seasoned writers alike. Christabelle Dilks is a screenwriter and script editor with a long career in Film and TV Drama. A commissioning editor in Channel 4 Drama, she has worked on features, single dramas and TV series.