Beatbox Workshop

Thursday 20 February 2020, 11am - 12:15pm

Congregation Hall 0.13

Learn how to use your voice as an instrument with Skilly Skillz, human beatboxer, performer and mentor.

We invite you to a fun and interactive workshop learning how to create sounds such as drums, bass, vocal scratching, saxophones and much more. We will give you the tools and experience to enable you to create unique music using only the human voice. This is an opportunity to get creative and record your singing, beatbox and artistic sounds by a professional producer. We invite all levels of experience and all equipment is provided. If you have an instrument, feel free to bring it along to the session and be a part of a collaboration track.

Our workshop is an opportunity for creative minds to explore their artistic ideas. This is a fun session offering the chance to perform their skills and have it recorded. We support the students with confidence building techniques and stage presence exercises.

Skilly Skillz has worked with many artists, orchestra’s and has performed for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee 2012. Currently ranked in the UK top 8 Beatbox Championships, Free Your Soul Beatbox Champion and has 10 years of professional teaching.

This is a Do Something Different activity. Do Something Different is an extracurricular programme to enhance your time at university. From our week long festival in February to daily activities ranging from arts to sports, there is a do something different activity happening everyday! For more information check out and @ueasu_dsd.