Project Mork

Saturday 09 February 2019, 6:30pm - 10pm

The Waterfront Studio

+ The Display Team + BaitHead

Project Mork

Norwich based, Shabba-Thrash, Hard-core punk, techy, metally, skanky and dancy. PROJECT MORK are fast, heavy and fun. Good Music. Good People. Good Times.  Shaming stages since 1998 and still limping along like a faithful hound with a gammy leg.  Think Melvins, mixing with Mr Bungle and Megadeth and you’re almost there.

The Display Team

Hailing from the smoky dimly lit backstreets of London, The Display Team play the background music for the film adaptation of your sweatiest anxiety dreams; tunes at once horrible and beautiful, fighty and flighty, that rummage for a tiny shiny shred of hope in a bucket of stinking despair. Also features:


5 dudes just playing awesome Ska tunes