Committee Networking Sessions

Tuesday 10 December 2019, 6pm - 7pm

Congregation Hall - Lecture Theatre 01.20


£0.00 (General)
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These networking sessions fall straight after Society Presidents Meetings, as we wanted to make it more convenient for you all to find ways of collaborating with each other!


The purpose of Committee Networking Sessions is for different committees, not only presidents, to have the chance to meet each other, look out for similar interests and desires within your societies, and find ways for you to organise events and activities collaboratively!


Ali, your Activities and Opportunities Officer, will be there to facilitate some discussion, and give some ideas and tips for collaborations to begin with, but you will then have the rest of the time to chat amongst yourselves, see where you have mutual hopes for events, fundraising, or trips, and you can then begin the process of this.

Remember, we have now introduced a 'Student Group Collaboration Fund' which is specifically designed to support societies and clubs in collaborative events and activities!