To a Labour Government and Beyond: Activism and the Left’s Advance

Thursday 03 October 2019, 6pm - 7:30pm


A panel of high-profile, socialist political figures, commentators and activists on the future of Labour, the left more broadly and the role activism must play in building an alternative in the age of injustice. Hosted UEA Labour Party Society.

Worried about the climate crisis? Angry about the phrase "Prime Minister Boris Johnson"? Want a future build on hope, optimism and compassion? Think that society should be run many, not the few?


The Labour Party Society's first political event of the year is going to set things off with a bang- a panel on Labour, the left more broadly and the role activism must play in building an alternative in the age of injustice.

Panellists will be:

Karen Davis- Norwich North parliamentary candidate,

Marcus Barnett- Young Labour International Officer, Former RMT Elected Official and prominent activist,

Michael Walker- contributing editor at Novara Media

Lisa Forbes- MP for Peterborough 

Owen Jones- Guardian journalist and author (tbc)


The panel will be Chaired by Kate Hicks, Chair of UEA Labour Party Society. The first half will be the pannellists responding to and unpacking a handful of questions from the Chair, covering a breadth of topics. The second half will be a Q&A format, with questions being taken from the audience to broaden out discussion.


We're conscious to create an accessible event, so that following provisions have been made to cultivate a comfortable environment:

you're absolutely welcome to bring a friend(s), the more the merrier- just make sure that everybody 'buys' a free ticket so we know how many people to expect;

although the panel will have a Q&A component, there is absolutely no pressure to ask questions if you feel too anxious to do so;

paper and pens will be handed out to all of those attending, so that you can note down a question before you forget it, or CRUCIALLY if you feel uncomfortable actively asking your question(s), you can discretely pass it to a steward, who will be involved in the discussion anyway and can ask it for you;

the room in which the event is taking place is a decent-sized seminar room, specifically chosen so that it feels like a conversation rather than a formal, hierachical lecture;

all of the panellists were specifically chosen due to them being particularly approachable and friendly; 

and if you have any queries at all, or any requests (e.g. a seat next to the door), contact UEA Labour Party Society's Health and Safety Officer at


We look forward to seeing you there??