2017 NSS Results for UEA

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The key analysis that the University uses involves:

  • Full time/First degree student responses
  • English Mainstream Universities (this filters out FE Colleges, conservatoires, agrics, art colleges- it’s the “Complete University Guide” list)

Some Universities whose SUs ran an NSS boycott don’t appear as they didn’t hit 50% response rate (ie Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge etc)

The University’s key rank position on overall satisfaction in this group is 4th.

This sees us behind Loughborough (1st), Liverpool Hope (2nd) and Lancaster (3rd) but ahead of Keele (16th) who were ranked 1st last year.  Note – as we have no institution level data for Oxford and Cambridge UEA remains the only institution to fall in the top 5 for student satisfaction since 2006.

For the category level rankings within:

Learning Community          10th

Learning Opportunities        12th

Teaching                              15th

Academic Support               18th

Org & Mgt                            29th

Student Voice                      62nd

Learning Resources            40th

Assessment & Fback          70th

Both organisation/management and learning resources reflect concerns that the SU has been feeding back for some time.

Assessment and Feedback will be a major disappointment for the University not least because A&F is a key Teaching Excellence Framework metric. The University has focussed relentlessly on feedback timeliness in recent years, wheras the SU has argued a more balanced approach should be struck.

What the SU Officers Say

Commenting on the results overall, SU Welfare Community and Diversity Officer India Edwards said

“Generally students love UEA and the teaching, but that high overall student satisfaction rate hides big issues that the Uni needs to focus on, like mental health and cost of living. It’s now crucial that the Uni responds to this data by publishing an action plan to students before welcome week- so we can see the that the people at the top on their sky high salaries are taking action to maintain UEA’s reputation for student experience”

Commenting on the assessment and feedback results, SU Undergraduate Education Officer Mary Leishman said:

“It’s clear that UEA students rate their teaching but are baffled about the way their work is marked, and don’t believe marking is fair. We’ve been saying for years that focussing on marking turnaround times without focussing on quality or fairness would be a problem- and given that performance on this is a big part of the Government’s ‘Teaching Excellence’ ratings, it’s a real concern for UEA’s reputation.

“We want to see decisive and radical action by Uni management on assessment and feedback so that students feel changes by the time they get back- reviewing the baffling ‘senate marking scales’, improving and simplifying marking criteria, ensuring markers are clear about where you’ve done well or need improvement, and introducing individual exam feedback for people who want it”

Commenting on the learning resources and organisation and management results, SU Postgraduate Education Officer Maddie Colledge said

“While things like the extra study space in the Library are welcome, when almost one in four students can’t agree that their course runs smoothly we know that UEA has a problem. With the Uni set to grow again by 1,000 more students in September without the facilities, space or people to support them, dissatisfaction with these things will only grow. It’s crucial that the University responds now- taking action to invest in current students rather than banking all its extra cash to spend on buildings in the future”

Commenting on the student voice section, SU Campaigns and Democracy Officer Jack Robinson said

“It’s particularly concerning that UEA comes so low down on student voice- but not a surprise given the University hardly ever tells students what’s been done with their feedback, and keeps making decisions without consulting us. As we’re having to pay fees, the least they can do is tell us where they money is going and what they do with the results when we fill out endless surveys.


“For our own part within the SU we’ve heard students loud and clear, and this year’s team are already focussing on the issues students care about- student charges, space on campus, teaching and learning and student support- as well opening up the SU so far more students have a voice in decisions”


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