five things you can talk to a course rep about

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Assessment Issues/Deadlines:

If you feel that there is not enough information provided before assessments, or not enough formative assessments or you don’t receive the feedback in time before your summative then this may be something a Course Rep can raise at their Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). IF you also think that the Deadlines for your assignments all being the same day is not practical this can be raised by Course Reps.

Teaching/Organisation of the Course

Concerns about modules on the course or how these are arranged can be raised through Course Reps. Course Reps can influence the mode of teaching on your course using the feedback from other students on the course, including about the contact time received.  This can also include things such as where or when sessions are timetabled.

Library Resources

The relationship between the library and students is very strong meaning that course reps can influence the purchases made by the library for your course – this could be physical books, e-books or licenses for software. If you are also looking to improve library inductions, services or academic support they provide, your course rep can raise this.

Facilities Access

If you are facing difficulty in accessing areas they need to for their course then Course Reps can help with this. This may be linking to physical accessibility to teaching space on campus to also raising awareness within the school when events or facilities needed in order to progress on the course are impractical i.e. a field trip for research that will be needed later in the year clashing with an induction which is needed in order to access course specific space on campus.

Building a Community

Many Course Reps can help to work with academic societies to build a community in your course area, and in doing this request support or opportunities to be delivered by the School to develop this.


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