drinking at university

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UEA Students’ Union and the University of East Anglia are currently working towards the NUS Alcohol Impact Award, which aims to create social norms of responsible drinking on campus and create healthier, safer student communities.

It’s not about stopping students from drinking, it’s about building healthy responsible drinking habits, for the large number of students who do not drink alcohol, campus life may not be as inclusive as they’d like and we’d like to change that!

We’d like to find out more about our students and their drinking behaviours, and perhaps bust some of those myths that student life is based around drinking! That is why we’d like to hear from all students, those who drink several times a week, to those who drink every now and then for a friend’s birthday party, to those who don’t drink at all. So if you’re not a fan of VKs and you’d much rather have a chilled night in or stay sober on a night out, we would love to hear from you.

There’s also a chance to win £100 or one of ten £25 runner up prizes if you complete the survey, so what are you waiting for? The survey closes on the 26th November, so hurry!

Complete the survey here:



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