Covid 19 FAQ Student Groups

Please find below FAQ section for Student Groups during the Coronavirus period:

Please note these will be constanly updated during the period of inactivity. (Updated 7/4/20)


Can I give membership refunds?

It is possible to provide students with refunds to their memberships but only if their experience within the student group has been significantly cut short. The decision will be made on the disgression of the club or society committee. However should the refund put the club or society into a negative bank balance the union are unable to subsidise this at this point. Before seeking a refund please contact the president, treasurer and secretary of the society to seek their approval via email.

Can I get a refund for SAM (Sports Association Membership)?

Sports Association Membership (SAM) will not be refunded outside of the normal refund window (within 2 weeks of date of purchase). We understand the disappointment of some club activity being cut short due to COVID-19, particularly end of year events. However, as this was only enforced a week before the Easter break when most club’s training and fixtures were due to finish, this does not represent a significant curtailing of activity. We encourage all members to stay active and engaged with their club’s online activity and to follow the guidance on the uea+sport and SU websites.

Are the UEA Sport and SU Opportunities Team available? 

Yes, many of us will be working remotely over email so should you have any queries please do email us at or  The office hours for these staff will be 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Please note there may be a slight delay if anyone becomes unwell. Your Activities and Opportunities Officer is also still available to contact on 


Can my event go ahead? 

Government guidance suggests avoiding all non-essential contact, our stance is to cancel all student group activity for the rest of the academic year or until you’re are notified otherwise.


Can I reschedule my event? 

Currently we aren’t taking any bookings for a re-arranged event in any of our venues as the situation is ever changing. Students are not expected back on campus for their exams. 

If you have booked an external venue, we recommend you try get a refund as best as possible or perhaps postpone and rebook for the society next year. 


How do I refund my members if they have paid for an event? 

You must first seek the refund from that venue or organisation you have purchased from, once this has been confirmed email to get the finance details for a refund to be paid into. When the money has been received by the SU we will then be able to issue refunds to your members. (Please note refunds are not guaranteed by suppliers or venues) Without this money coming in the SU are not able to issue refunds to your members in advance or cover any shortfalls for student groups. 

To get a refund, please DO NOT request this through the expenses 365 app. 

Please note that refunds will either be done in bulk for everyone who has a ticket, on an individual basis, or a partial refund via Sage Pay.  

This will be done via conversations via

Key messages for this are: 

  • Clubs and Societies are responsible for arranging a refund back into their Subs Account from the venue, supplier or organisation 
  • 3 Approvals would still need to be required to authorise refunds 
  • Clubs and Societies need to be clear / cannot state that refunds are to be expected for their members, and should be thinking realistically of the impact this has on their accounts 
  • Refunds may be taking a little longer than normal as we work through this situation 

Please note if you as a student group decide to take the decision to refund your members without receiving the money back from a supplier, product or organiser. This will be questioned by the finance team. We appreciate the want to refund your members perhaps from your own money but please ensure you have enough funds to do so, naturally if you are already in the minus we wont be in the position to fund these refunds.


I have an invocie to pay can I still do that?

Yes, our finance team are still working remotely, if you send your invoice like usual to 

Then you will need to send us your three approvals, its important you consider whether this is a payment you need to make now. So please follow the advice above and ensure you consider all outgoings during this period.


As a member how do I get a refund? And what if the event is still going ahead and I can’t go? 

If you would like a refund from a society event in the first instance liaise with your committee, they will be doing the above. Please note again no refund will be issued until there are three approvals. Please note there are several refunds being issued and they may take a little longer than normal. 


What happens with socials?

Following Govt guidance, the Students' Union has decided there is to be no club or society activity for the foreseeable future unless it is online. We will issue a help sheet to you all in due course to stay in touch with your members. 


Can we still hold small meetings? 

As above we are suggesting that no club or society activity takes place in person all activity should be online following government guidance.

New Committee Training

Every May/June we run training sessions for new committee members to help them understand their roles and learn the skills they need in order to do their jobs effectively. We will be running versions of this, but it will likley be online sessions where you will follow a voice over of a powerpoint, with an opportunity to ask questions.



What is happening with training? 

All training is currently cancelled. 


What is happening with fixtures BUCS and Non BUCS fixtures? 

All BUCS and Non BUCS fixtures have been cancelled.


What is happening with Derby Day? 

This year’s Derby Day has been cancelled. We know this will be a big disappointment to many, but we must follow the guidance from our universities and PHE. The plan is to host Derby Day in 2021 on the Essex Campus. 


New Committee Training

Every May/June we run training sessions for new committee members to help them understand their roles and learn the skills they need in order to do their jobs effectively. We will still intend on running these training sessions but they will likely be virtual – once we have more information on how this will work we will be in touch so please be patient with us J


Committee Handovers

As some of you will remember from last year, we ask all the old and new committees to meet with their club coordinator to go through all your club’s key documents for the year (development plan, budget, risk assessment, inventory, code of practice). We will still be asking for these documents to be updated and sent to coordinators, and we will still be hosting the handovers in some format, so as with the above committee training paragraph please just bear with us and we will let you know as soon as we have a plan of action for running club handovers.


What is happening with committee elections? 

We are continuing with our online elections to ensure new committees can be elected in time for next year. If you weren't planning on doing this, we are now saying this is compulsory to carry on your society for next year. If you want to find out more please head to the SU website for more information. Or email for more information. 

We will be offerring student groups a second opportunity to run elections at the end of May and June should be required, but we ask that most carry on with the elections with nominations opening on the 6th of April.

How can you support your members as a committee? 

We will be issuing a staying in touch document in the next few days to do a range of activities online. We will be encouraging societies and clubs to lead the way on this, so if you have any ideas we can help with, let us know! 


Can we hold events next term? 

Club and society activity is NOT to be planned for next term due to the ever-changing environment were operating in. Please do not outlay any money or book activities. 


Is it possible to get reimbursements through the 365 app? 

Yes, if your society has the money and required approvals our finance team are working remotely and will be doing payment runs, for any approved app claims. There may be some delays in certain scenarios. But please note as activity is now cancelled new claims any new activity will not be processed, only claims from previous activity will be processed. 


I’ll take the risk and pay for something myself? 

Please don’t, all club and society activity are suspended during this period of uncertainty we suggest maintaining both your financial stability and not to risk anything during this period. 


I have a trip. It’s been postponed or cancelled?  

Advice states that all non-essential travel should be avoided. Where possible you should seek a refund or postpone the activity. If you cancel the activity before the operator does it does often mean you will lose your money so bear this in mind. 


Will the Student Transformation and Sports Awards be happening? 

At this stage it is highly unlikely that these events will go ahead unless the current circumstances change dramatically, but we may be in touch to encourage some joy in time to celebrate your success. 


I'm not sure what to do about any symptoms and/or concerns about my friends? 

For further information on anything to do with your health, friends, family, travel or university-related queries you have please head to this link


For more general guidance from the SU please click here, and from the university here.