Chinese Board Games


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Chinese board game societiy is a welcoming group for anyone interested in board games like ‘werewolf’, ‘I’m the boss’, ‘Citadels’, ‘a betrayal in a house on a hill’ and Mah-jong. Better if you want to meet some Chinese friends. We organize ‘werewolf’ mainly on Friday. As to other games, we play anytime we have enough person. Message any of the committees what you want to play (among what we have), you will not be disappointed.

Wechat: mhj274098602    Instagram: om_645

Committee member:

President-Hongjing(Owen) MAO

Vice President-Songzhe(Larry) Huang

Secretary- Boyang(Fedio) Zheng

Treasurer-Tiantian(Crystal) Chen

Union Coucil Rep: Ziyao(Prince) Wang