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To explore Buddhist teaching and philosophy, making people more aware and mindful of how it impacts one's way of life. We hope to appeal everyone, both Buddhists as well as people interested in learning more about the religion and its cultural roots. Alongside this we hope to have fun events, socials, retreats and charity work to create a sense of community.

We run weekly meditation/ mindfulness sessions so if you would like to know more details have a look at our fb page or contact us to find out rooms, times and dates. 


President: Tarosha Jayasinghe 

Secretary: Suprateeka Talukder

Treasurer: Randula Karunajeewa

Health and safety officer: Salli Nori

Union council rep: Imran Ahmed 

Equality and diversity officer: Ghania Tahir

Charities coordinator: Noor Dhakal

Publicity secretary: Alessia Tarantino  




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