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Welcome to Headucate!

We aim to spread awareness of mental health and help to integrate the subject in to secondary school teaching. We run workshops at various schools in Norfolk and also have socials and talks.

Despite most of our members studying Mental Health, Medicine and Psychology orientated degrees we welcome all students from all degrees and all years. 

If you're interested in mental health and educating students on the subject, join our society!


Committee Members 2017-18

President - Freya Bakko

Vice President/Secretary - Kat Hawes

Treasurer - Aruni Mathyalakan

Workshop Lead - Roshni Bahri

Training Lead - Fiona Munro

Events & Publicity - Disha Ramjuttun

Campaigns Lead - Tatenda Nyoni

Branch co-ordinator - Hannah Armstrong

Health & Safety - Beth Balachandran

Research Officer - Katarina Hoernke

Union Council Rep - Priyanka Gandhi

Equality & Diversity - Rebecca Wright





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