Table Football


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About Us

We run table football sessions every Wednesday in Union House (next to Union Cafe) from 7.30 onwards. During these sessions, every game is free to play and there is a tournament with weekly prizes for the winners. Our society has a range of experience from well versed players to beginners - so don't feel worried about your skill level. We are also planning on running sessions on Saturday afternoons as a more relaxed sessions where people can work on improving their skills.

The membership for the year is only £3 which is the same cost as only 6 normal games of table football!

If you have any questions feel free to email, post on the facebook group or contact Tom Cooley (President) directly on facebook. 

Our Committee

President: Tom Cooley
Secretary: Eva Steiner
Treasurer: George Redhead
Health and Safety Officer: Francesco Parente 
Equality and Diversity Officer: Dominic Currins


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