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The Filmmaking Society aims to create innovative and thought provoking films. Our main priority as a society is to help hone your creative talent! You don’t have to know anything about the filmmaking process, you just need to have a keen eye for a good story!

The beauty of filmmaking is that there are so many roles to choose from and no role is too small, if you’re an organiser then producing is your route, if you like story then screenwriting or directing would be a perfect match, and if you prefer the technical side there are plenty of roles from editor, cinematographer, sound mixer to set and costume designer, the list is endless! So if you’re not that confident with a camera but are still interested in films then this is the perfect place to be.

What makes us unique as a society is that we run WEEKLY workshops in screenwriting, directing, producing and crew to get you to grips with the whole process. 

The committee will help you to make 2 films each semester, a short fictional film and a documentary film right from the initial idea to picture lock. These 2 films will be the ‘main projects’, where the finances will go. Then the most exciting thing about it is we will help you to enter these 2 films into film festivals around the world and get your name on IMDB! You're sure to make some like minded friends within the society, and we encourage you to make your own shorts with them.

Phew! If all of that isn’t enough then how about an incredibly active social life? We’ll host regular socials, but not like any you’ve seen! Yes we’ll go out on the lash in town, but we’ll also host coffee and tea afternoons to discuss the latest film news and network!

This year we're trying something new! We'll be hosting the 48 hour film challenge where you will get in to teams and will have to write, film and edit a film in 2 days! It will then be screened in front of an audience and the committee will pick the winners for each catagory!

So if you love films, filmmaking, writing, costume design, composing, drinking beer and/or tea then hit that ‘add to basket’ button (you know you want to).

Membership fees: If you are or will be a student at UEA, you must select the Standard Membership NOT the Associate Membership. If you are joining in the second semester you select the Second Semester Membership. 

Here is the Crowdfunder for our 2 short fictions of the second semester, one is a horror and another is an alternative romantic drama:

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2017/18 Committee:

President Tulsi Behl
Vice- President Alex Smith
Secretary  Denisa Cantor
Treasurer Ben Combe
Health and Safety Officer Sam Sasi-Pico
Social Secretary  Wan Norlela 
Union Council Representative Shinichi Williams  
Head of Pre-Production  Emma Marzi
Head of Production  Eve Bietry  
Publicity Officer Arcadia Molinas  
Fundraising Officer Ayeshah Lalloo

First Year Representative

Liyaan Sarwal