postgrad voice

We want to make sure that the voice of postgraduate students is heard louder and clearer within decision making at UEA. The Postgraduate Assembly is open to all postgraduates and will discuss issues and policies to ensure that decisions affecting postgraduates are made by postgraduates.

The Postgraduate Assembly sets postgraduate-focused policy to mandate the work of the PostgraduateSU Committee and Postgraduate representatives of the Student Officer Committee. It will also be able to send policy recommendations to Union Council. If there is something you think the Assembly should discuss, or you want to know more, please email the Chair Anush Rajagopal:

The Postgraduate Committee, which is elected by the Assembly at the start of the academic year, is made up of six elected postgraduate representatives and four of the full-time elected officers, as well as a representative of the NBI. The Committee take part in decisions on allocating the SU's £17,500 postgraduate(su) budget, organising events and campaigns, and use of the Graduate Centre. They also sit on the student union's Union Council, allowing them to change SU decisions at the highest levels. 

Here are the members of the PG Committee:

  • Martin Marko (Postgraduate Education Officer) -

  • Georgina Burchell (Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer) -

  • Sophie Atherton (Campaigns and Democracy Officer) -

  • Oli Gray (Activities and Opportunities Officer) -

  • Andrea James (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

  • Anush Rajagopal (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

  • Charlotte Hallahan (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

  • James McLean (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

  • Saket Jalan (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

If you want to speak to the Postgraduate Committee please email the chair, Anush Rajagopal, 

If you would like to find out more about any of these roles or the Assembly's work, email Martin, your PG Education Officer,, or Tony, the Union's staff support for governance and democracy

Become a Trustee 

The Union is now recruiting for a Student Trustee to join the Trustee Board, our governing body. We are looking for a student from outside the traditional start in September UG mould. As a Student Trustee you can help shape the strategic direction of your Union. If you have ideas to improve the PG experience and get a better deal for PGs in the Union – this is the place to do it. Great experience for anyone going on to work in government or NGOs. Voluntary role but expenses paid. Board meetings are in March, June and September – you can Skype into these. Interested? Please contact Tony on for more details or fill in this application FORM

Applications close 22/01/18 

Postgraduate Assembly dates for 2018/19

 All meetings will take place in Scholars Lounge, and move into Bookable Rooms 7 & 8, or Bookable Room 6.


  • 2nd October 2018:
  • 16th October 2018
  • 30th October 2018
  • 13th November 2018
  • 15th January 2019
  • 29th January 2019
  • 19th February 2019
  • 30th April 2019

Postgraduate Committee dates for 2018/19 (subject to change)

All meetings will take place in Bookable Rooms 7 & 8, or the meeting space in the corner of the SU office.

  • 10th October 2018
  • 23rd October 2018
  • 7th November 2018 – Meeting Space Corner of the Office
  • 20th November 2018
  • 22nd January 2019
  • 12th February 2019
  • 5th March 2019
  • 7th May 2019