pg care package

Been nominated for a care package?

Several weeks ago we asked postgraduate students at UEA if they knew someone who needed a little bit of love this Autumn? We know your wellbeing can be put under strain at this time so at PGSU we are preparing our care packages, filled with all sorts of lovely things. If you have been nominated, then someone has recognised you someone who make a difference to the postgradaute community, or someone who deserves someone who deserves to be appreciated.  

If you have been nominated then you should have recieved an email letting you know when collection dates are. Here are some more details in case you need them. 

Packages will be ready for collection on 27th, 28th and 29th November in the Grad Centre 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm. Please come to Bookable room 8 in the Lounge where members of the Postgradaute Committee will be there to hand them out. Your package may have been sent to you by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  

The funding for this initiative has come out of the postgraduate(su) budget, and decisions regarding this are made by the Postgradaute Assembly and Committee. If you are interested in creating more events like this, please come along to the Postgraduate Assembly which will be meeting on the 4th December at 6pm in Bookable 6 to learn about what we do.