UEA Votes 2018

Thank you for voting in the SU elections

The results of the elections are below.

Undergraduate Education Officer - Jenna Chapman (Manifesto)


Postgraduate Education Officer - Martin Marko (Manifesto)


Campaigns and Democracy Officer - Sophie Atherton (Manifesto)


Welfare, Community and Diversity - Georgina Burchell (Manifesto)


Activities & Opportunities Officer - Oli Gray (Manifesto)


Non-Portfolio Officers - Henry Bowen (Manifesto) , Thai Braddick (Manifesto) , Zoë Freeman (Manifesto) , Chloe Crowther (Manifesto)

50% of the Non-Portfolio places are reserved for women, so two counts were conducted: one with only Women+ candidates, and one with all remaining candidates.

  • Count 1 (Women's+ Places) - Zoë Freeman, Chloe Crowther

  • Count 2 (Open Places) - Henry Bowen, Thai Braddick


Ethical Issues Officer - Rob Klim (Manifesto)


Women's Officer - Amy Atkinson (Manifesto)


Students with Disabilities Officer - Hannah Murgatroyd (Manifesto)


LGBT+ Officer (Open Place) - Liam Deary (Manifesto)


LGBT+ Officer (Trans and Non-Binary Place) - Evie Toseland


International Students' Officer (EU) - Borja Martin Simon (Manifesto)


International Students' Officer (non-EU) - Mohaned Alhasan (Manifesto)


Mature Students' Officer - Diem-Sylvan Von-Pratt