safer taxi scheme

Get home safely with our new Safe Taxi Scheme

Say goodbye to unpleasant situations and nights out! Sure, Norwich is one of the safest cities in the UK, but now you can feel even more secure when going out from and back to campus and around Norwich thanks to our Safe Taxi Scheme. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can call one of the scheme’s taxi company and get home safe and sound.

This initiative was part of our Women’s Officer Manifesto and we are happy to say it’s now fully launched! How does it work? All you have to do is call the taxi company, give them your student number (not student ID card) and name, and they will send the invoice to the Students Union. The Union will then pay the taxi company directly.

“Improving safety in and around campus was one of the key reasons why I wanted to be Women's Officer so I am delighted that taxi companies are supporting UEA students in getting home safely,” said our Women’s Officer. “I'm really proud to launch the scheme and hope it makes a real difference to the experience of all UEA students”.

These are the taxi companies currently taking part:

  • ABC Taxi
  • 5 Star Taxi
  • Courtesy Taxi

This scheme received support from all the members of the Union. Our Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer said, “This scheme, created by our Women’s Officer, shows a healthy relationship between the SU and transport companies that share a common interest in student safety, and we’re so happy that all the enlisted companies have signed our pledge.”

Remember that your data will always be protected and will be used for the purpose of the initiative. When you register with the scheme it means you agree that the Union will process your personal data to cover any costs incurred and recover costs from yourself.