black history month

Black History Month is an annual event that celebrates the cultures, influences, and achievements of Black communities. It is a chance to reflect on how far we have come and to acknowledge that there is more still to be done to achieve equality and ensure that hard won victories are not overturned or over-looked. Check out the calendar below!

This year the theme is representation. We want to celebrate the many different Black communities all over the world: from Ethiopia to New York; from St Lucia to here at UEA, the lives and journeys of Black people all over the world have made their mark. Black History Month is a chance to hear these stories. There are a variety of events, so whether you want to listen to African and Caribbean music in the LCR; learn more about black history through film screenings; see how much you really know about Africa and the Caribbean at the quiz night; explore self-acceptance of black hair; or learn more about the contribution of Black communities to your studies, this Black History Month has something for you!

Through these events we want to give a platform to Black voices, achievements and experiences; and educate others across the UEA community on this rich cultural history, empowering everyone to take action on racism wherever it appears.

Black History Month would not be what it is without the hard work of our students and societies. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this year’s month happen.