Student Officers

There are 19 student union officers, elected by students in an annual ballot. Part-time officers represent specific constituents or campaign on specific campaigns, while paid full-time officers manage the SU on a day-to-day basis.

The full-time officers meet as a Management Committee to run the SU - minutes of meetings can be found here.

All of the Officers meet regularly in a Student Officer Committee to discuss how to implement SU policy and run campaigns. Click here for minutes of meetings.

Click their names or photos to go straight to their blog page to find out what they've been up to!

The 2018/19 Full Time Officer Team are:

Oli Gray (Activities & Opportunities) 
Sophie Atherton (Campaigns & Democracy) 
Georgina Burchell (Welfare, Community & Diversity) 


Jenna Chapman (Undergraduate Education) 
Martin Marko (Postgraduate Education) 


The 2018/19 Part Time Officers who volunteer their time whilst studying are:

Connor Bell (Environment) 

Jim Read (LGBT+, Trans & Non-Binary Place) 

Rob Kilm (Ethical Issues) 

Emma Moxon (Students with Disabilities - Invisible Disabilities Place)

Henry Bowen (Non-Portfolio) 

Hannah Murgatroyd (Students with Disabilities)


Thai Braddick (Non-Portfolio) 

Ryan Jordan (Ethnic Minorities) 


Zoë Feeman (Non-Portfolio) 

Mohaned Alhasan (International Students - Non-EU) 

Chloe Crowther (Non-Portfolio) 

Borja Martin Simon (International Students - EU) 

Liam Deary (LGBT+, Open Place) 

Sanna Mantyniemi (Mature Students)