Student Officers

There are 19 student union officers, elected by students in an annual ballot. Part-time officers represent specific constituents or campaign on specific campaigns, while paid full-time officers manage the SU on a day-to-day basis.
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The 2017/18 Full Time Officer Team are:

Camille Koosyial (Activities & Opportunities)

Jack Robinson (Campaigns & Democracy)

India Edwards (Welfare, Community & Diversity)


Mary Leishman (Undergraduate Education)


Maddie Colledge (Postgraduate Education)


The 2017/18 Part Time Officers who volunteer their time whilst studying are:

Rhys Purtill (Environment)

Rob Kilm (Ethical Issues)

Chris Ball (Non-Portfolio)

Finn Northrop (Non-Portfolio)

Jemma Bailey (Non-Portfolio)

Lucy Auger (Non-Portfolio)

Mae Kabore (LGBT+, Open Place)

Liam Deary (LGBT+, Trans & Non-Binary Place)

Amy Atkinson (Women's)

Emily Cutler (Students with Disabilities)

Amanie Mathurin (Ethnic Minorities)

Mohaned Alhasan (International Students - Non-EU Place)

Katharina Wodenitscharow (International Students - EU Place)

Lewis Martin (Mature Students)