get health/welfare info

advice(su) can offer information on a wide range of topics from health and wellfare to crime and student safety.

We can also offer

  • a listening ear for students with personal issues

  • signposting to other university and external services

  • support during UEA fitness to study or fitness to practice processes, and

  • to mediate if you have housemate problems, provided all involved agree.

See our guide "What Does the Advice Centre Do?"  for an explanation of what we do.

This page can guide you to the many sources of help and support available to you.

Do you feel okay?

Uni life isn’t always perfect, or even what you expected. Everyone has their ups and downs, and sometimes we all need a little help to get through.

Here are some places you can go when things get too much to handle alone:

Talk to an Advice Worker You don’t have to have an appointment – we run regular informal drop-in sessions between 11am and 1pm on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Advice and Housing Office in the Gateway.

Nightline is a confidential and impartial listening and information service run for students by students. Open from 8pm to 8am every night during term time. 

Facebook - UeaNightLine
Skype - norwichnightline
Website -
Email -

Tel: 01603 503504
Text: 07794924366

Drop in - located in the Student Support Centre. Use the side door at the end of the building and ring the doorbell

UEA Pride is a peer support group aimed at improving the campus experience for all LGBT+ students. We run several support groups and lounge sessions to help with any student issues.

UEA Student Support Service - UEA provides a range of services to support students through their time at UEA. These services include money and debt advice, assistance for students with disabilities, a counselling service, the learning enhancement service, the international student advisory team, the chaplaincy, and the careers centre.

advice(su)| leaflets and other info

New to Norwich

Hints and tips on life in this fine city, and on settling in.

Making a Non-Academic complaint
How to complain

You can complain about any University non-academic service, for example, catering, accommodation or Student Support Services. To find out how to complain see our information guide "Making a non academic complaint"

Do you feel safe?

Out and about

Norwich is one of the safest places for students in the country and generally very student-friendly. But nothing is perfect so here are some ways to stay safe:

Taxi Scheme: If you are in the city and have no means of getting home, you can give your name and student number to participating taxi companies (show them your campus card) and they will get you home. You will be billed by the union for the fare when we receive the invoice. To check which taxi companies are currently taking part inthe scheme, see

If you are in the city centre on a Friday or Saturday night and need help, you can head for the SOS bus ((you'll find it  just off the Prince of Wales Road) or call 07833 505 505. Volunteers and first aiders are there to provide assistance for anyone whose well-being is threatened by inability to get home, illness or injury, emotional distress or other vulnerability

If you feel unsafe on campus security will respond to security or safety concerns around campus. If they have enough staff available, security will accompany first year students home (on campus) if they are walking alone and don’t feel safe. Security are based at the Lodge, at the top of University and Chancellor Drive

Security Emergency Number: 01603 592222

Advice on safety from Norfolk police

Bullying and harassment

The Union has a zero tolerance policy to sexual assault, harassment and hate crime. To find out more about our approach, see

If you experience any form of sexual harassment or assault whilst in a union venue (the LCR, pub or Waterfront) report it to the bar staff. They are trained to respond effectively to the situation and help you to feel safe to enjoy the rest of your night.

Other ways of reporting instances of sexual assault:

  • in an emergency/if you feel unsafe, call 999 or campus security

  • direct to the Harbour Centre, which is a dedicated Sexual Assault Referral Centre. They offer practical and emotional support and you can contact them directly

  • to advice(su) or UEA Student Support Services (formerly DOS) during normal opening hours. Out of hours you can contact UEA security

If you need support following a sexual assault you can also speak to advice(su) or  UEA Student Support Services (formerly DOS).

You can see the full UEA policy on bullying and harassment here:

Fitness to Practise

If you are on a course which leads to a professional qualification such as nursing, you will be expected to meet the standards of professional conduct expected of you by the professional body which validates the course you are on. In the case of nursing and midwifery, this is the NMC. If you study on an OT, PT, SLT, ODP or Paramedic course, the professional body that governs your practise is the HCPC.

If there are concerns that you may not be meeting these standards, your school will follow a process, called “Fitness to Practise” (“FTP”), to decide whether there is any evidence of:

  •  professional misconduct, or
  •  behaviour inconsistent with suitability for your profession

If you have long term or serious health problems (either physical or mental), this may also have an impact on your fitness to practise and trigger the process.

For more information about this process and the the possible outcomes, read this guide

Contraception and sexual health

You have a number of options –

  • You can use the University Medical Centre, or if you prefer,

  • iCash provides a complete range of service including all methods of contraception, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment, support for victims of sexual assault and counselling about sexual problems . Call 0300 300 30 30 for a clinic appointment or see  for more info

  • WIth a C-card from advice (su)  or Nightline during opening hours

  • See to search for other C -card issuing venues and information on sexual health and contraception

Peer support groups

Umbrella is a peer support group for students at UEA with chronic health conditions, mobility issues, disabilities and those who wish to support them

UEA StudentMinds  -  raising awareness and supporting those with mental health difficulties on campus

UEA Pride:

SU Advice leaflets and other info

Personal Safety

A small guide on personal safety.

Security in your Home

Guidance on how to make your house secure, and how to protect your personal property from crime

Do you feel well?

Information for students or who need medical (or dental) assistance for short term health issues or support for long term health issues:

The university medical service (UMS) provides GP services for UEA students, and also provides occupational health services for some groups of UEA students. The surgery is located on the corner of Bluebell Road and University Drive (near INTO)

Their reception and appointments number is 01603 251600

You may need to visit the UMS for:

  • Non-emergency medical treatment

  • To get a medical certificate to cover absence or if you are too ill to take an exam, or need a time extension for assessed work (see  “Exam Help  “ and “Extenuating Circumstances” on our Academic advice pages)

  • Travel vaccinations

You will need to register as a patient of the practice to get treatment or certificates. Check this page to see if you can register. (Non- UK students may have to pay for treatment if they are only in the UK for a short-term visit (3 or 6 months)

If you are unwell and unable to attend lectures or seminars, you should use the UEA absence reporting page on e:Vision. All students should report absences, but it is especially important for international students and students on some professional courses to make sure they use this system.

You can see the full guidance, and an explanation of how to use the absence reporting system here:

You will find a pharmacy on campus - it is located at the Health Centre, at the junction of University Drive and Bluebell Road, where you can:

  • Get prescriptions filled

  • Get home remedies for minor ailments

  • Get advice on minor illnesses

Not sure where to go for medical help? This table will point you in the right direction:

There is also a dental practice at the Health Centre – see for more details, or contact them on 01603 592173

Contraception and sexual health

You have a number of options –

  • You can use the University Medical Centre, or  if you prefer,

  • iCash provides a complete range of service including all methods of contraception, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment, support for victims of sexual assault and counselling about sexual problems . Call 0300 300 30 30 for a clinic appointment or see for more info

  •  From C-card scheme providers including advice(su) and Nightline 

Alcohol /drugs

The Matthew Project offers free confidential advice for drug and alcohol problems. Helpline for over 18s: 0300 7900 227.

Outside office hours, you can call Talk to Frank on 0300 123 6600 for provide 24/7 confidential advice and support.

For information and resources on alcohol and drinking, see


For advice and support from the University in relation to disability contact the UEA Disability Co-ordinator in Student Support Services on 44 (0)1603 593693 or email

You can also contact Disability Rights UK’s free student hotline for advice: 0800 328 5050. For opening hours, see

Umbrella is a  peer support group for students at UEA with chronic health conditions, mobility issues, disabilities and those who wish to support them

Equal Lives provide support and information fo people who face disabling barriers and can help with benefits claims including support completing PIP application forms

For more information about sources of support, see "Having a Physical Disability at university" and/or Having a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) at university

Mental health

If you feel you are being affected by stress, anxiety or depression or have ongoing mental health problems, there are lots of ways to get support

The University Medical Service  has lots of experience of talking to students about their problems and helping them through them

Student Minds is a student-run UEA society who run student peer support groups and organise campaigns across campus aimed at raising awareness about mental illness and reducing the stigma surrounding it

You can also contact these dedicated university services

See for a list of more resources.

"Having a Mental Health Condition at university"  is our handy guide to where to look for support.