I'm a UEA alumnus

As a UEA graduate, or alumnus, you can become a life member of uea(su). Please email union.opportunities@uea.ac.uk with a picture of your campus card/ any proof you went to UEA so we can verify that you're alumni, and  you will be added to a group. You will then be able to purchase life membership on this page. 

Life membership is only £10 and lasts for life (the clue is in the name!). This will allow you to join our clubs and societies and must be bought alongside the group membership fees.
You can join a society here
You can join a club here

Life Membership (UEA Alumni)

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Life Membership - Society
SAM Membership
In order to join a sports club, you will also need to purchase Sports Association Membership (SAM) on top of the associate membership and the specific club membership fee. SAM is £50 a year and covers lots of costs like insurance, coaching, equipment, competition costs etc. It is mandatory for all students and life members who are in sports clubs, and only needs to be paid once a year.
If you wish to join a club after the Christmas break in January, the cost of SAM reduces to £30. For more information click here.
Society and Club Committees
Please bear in mind that, as an lifemember, you will not be able to take part in elections of student representatives or in those of clubs and societies committees, as they are UEA student led.
Code of Conduct
You will be expected to uphold the same code of conduct as our students. Being part of a UEA club or society means that you must respect this code, and adhere to our code of conduct and bye-laws, so you need to be aware of these.
If you have any issues or questions, please email union.opportunities@uea.ac.uk